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How to start affiliate marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular and is a fundamental part of the internet economy. In short, it is a monetization model in which an external partner is commissioned for providing a specific result to a merchant. It’s a way to create a profitable business without any setup costs! It is therefore natural that you may be tempted to start affiliate marketing. However, you should know that affiliate marketing is not easy and requires research and discipline. I will give you some tips on the main steps to follow to start an affiliate marketing business:

how to start affiliate marketing

1- Choose your platform

To start affiliate marketing , you need to create an audience around your niche. In order to do that you must use the best platform. First, choose the platform you are most comfortable with and where you want to place your content. This can be on any social media, such as YouTube, Instagram or blogs. As a social influencer, youtuber or blogger, you will be given the required credentials to start affiliate marketing and make money with it!

2- Build your niche and audience

The second main step you need to achieve when you are wondering how to start affiliate marketing is to build your niche and your audience. Indeed, most of the problems that people who start affiliate marketing experience is that they don’t have a big enough audience and therefore don’t earn enough.
To select your niche, I recommend creating content with something you are passionate about and have knowledge about. This will make you authentic and more trustworthy for your niche.
Then you should analyze your niche to understand what they like, why they follow you and how you can attract them more. I suggest using a tool like google analytics to help you answer these questions.

3- Adopt a product or service

Finally, by understanding your audience, you’ll be able to know which brand and product to partner with. Indeed, choosing a product that is relevant to them will encourage them to stay on your platform and then support your affiliate marketing earnings. If you start affiliate marketing, you may not know where to find an affiliate program. I simply recommend looking at affiliate marketplaces like the Affiliate Network, Click blank or Link connector. Another option is to explore the websites of products and services that you and your audience like to see if they have an affiliate program.


These three steps answer the question “how to START affiliate marketing”, but remember that I have only presented the basics. Affiliate marketing takes time and dedication, so don’t be disappointed if the results are not immediate. As a final tip to start affiliate marketing, I recommend that you get as much information as possible to develop as many skills as you can and become the best affiliate marketer you can be.

Good luck!

How to start affiliate marketing?


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