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How to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO


YouTube SEO is becoming rapidly important and especially crucial when it comes to compete with the million content creators that are out there. Someone who might want to optimize their Youtube videos in terms of ranking, should learn to master the given tools that would certainly help their position. Here’s four tips that will help people get around YouTube SEO.

How to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO


Tip #1: Simple sentences for video description

To optimize a YouTube video in the ranking, the description and words chosen to describe the video must reflect the best what is the main focus of the content about. However, it is recommended to keep it simple and short, as viewers are not there to read an essay, but to watch a video.

Tip #2: Proper usage of keywords for a video file

At first, the keywords that reflect the best the video content must be identified before uploading anything. Instead of having a generic video file such as “”, replace it by the desired keyword. For example, if the video is about how to run ads with google ads, the file name could be “tips-google-ads”.

Tip #3: Upload a custom thumbnail image for higher viewings

A video thumbnail is the first thing people see when they search on YouTube about certain topics and might even be the first sign of whether people click on the video, or swipe to the next one. That is why it is important to upload a custom thumbnail that is relevant to the audience as well as attractive for people to click on. However, people must be careful when doing this because there as been many people in the past using fake thumbnails or exaggerated ones that have deceived viewers, forcing them to click on a video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail.

Tip #4: Use natural keywords in the video title

Finally, the title used for a video is very important to appeal to the audience. A title must not only be compelling, but also clear and concise, because it is very easy to fail reaching the best audience target. That is why is it important to use keywords in the title that target the best idea behind the video uploaded. In addition, it is recommended to use short titles, using equal or less than 60 characters in order to be relevant in the results pages.

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