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How to increase your B2B sales online in 2021

It’s no secret that selling is hard. And selling to other businesses is harder. In B2B sales (business-to-business sales) you are not selling to a single consumer who has clear needs, but to multiple decision-makers who have different viewpoints.

Here are our strategies to increase your B2B sales in 2021, using online strategies.


  • Find the right social media

Social media offers wide opportunities to boost your B2B sales. It also allows you to get to know better your leads before contacting them. A strong presence online will allow you to interact constantly with your current and potential leads, which is necessary to make sales. The medias most used for B2B sales are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. However, LinkedIn has become the most effective social platform for generating B2B leads.

How to increase your B2B Sales in 2021

  • Define your persona

Reaching out to the wrong person is a mistake made by various sellers and it cost them a lot. To avoid this happening, every B2B sales process needs to include an in-depth persona. Therefore, the more precisely you know your typical consumer, the easier it will be to increase the number of B2B sales deals. It will also help you in your social media marketing strategy as it allows you to segment and target your with more precision.

How to increase your B2B Sales in 2021

  • Mobile-friendly marketing strategy

According to a Google study, 42% of customers use smartphones throughout their B2B sales purchasing process. Thus, adapting your platform to customers’ habits in order to give them the best purchasing experience as possible will help you increase your B2B sales.


  • Develop a strong email marketing strategy.

A newsletter strategy helps you to keep your customers aware of the latest updates about your company. In the long run, this reminder will increase B2B sales. Furthermore, newsletters also increase the chances of new clients buying your product or service, as they get to know your company and products through your newsletters.

How to increase your B2B Sales in 2021

As the world keeps switching to digital, soon enough online sales will be the only kind of B2B sales we know. The Coronavirus outbreak accelerated this switch and made B2B sales process change a lot. If you don’t adapt to these changes soon, your business will crash. So show your customers that you are on track with changes in their habits and get those B2B sales!



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