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How to improve your Shopify SEO and increase sales

How to improve your Shopify SEO and increase sales

How to improve your Shopify SEO and increase sales?

With the previous difficult years living with a pandemic, more and more people were looking forward to moving their business to the internet.

Platforms such as Shopify attracted a lot of new sellers that wanted to start their online businesses.

To be the more successful as possible, here are some ways to improve your Shopify SEO and increase your sales.

Step 1: Good store structure to increase sales

Having a well-structured store is really important for customers. People want something that is user-friendly. This is why you should use those three simple steps such as Home Page > Category > Product Page structure, where customers won’t be lost in their search. Your store should have an order and sense whenever someone is navigating on it. Something that is great to implement as well is, for example, the Contact and the About Us page because it gives more credibility to your store.

Step 2: Offering Shopify collections

Providing collections to your store can improve customers’ experience and boost your SEO results. It helps you boost your internal links and makes the shopping experience much easier. Collections give you the opportunity to build meaningful descriptions with targeted keywords. Gathering products together will reduce the number of places customers have to search on your website and therefore increases the chance that they find easily the product page.

Step 3: Research your target keywords to improve Shopify SEO

Keywords are the base of successful SEO for a business. Having the right and proper keywords will drive and increase traffic on your store page. By looking up other competitors’ pages, it can help you select keywords that could be efficient for your store. You need to understand what people are looking for and see what would they be looking at when they are searching online for something. You can even browse on forums and discussion pages and pick up the terms being used for the same types of products you are selling. When you recognize this information, you will be more prepared to incorporate the right ones into your store page.

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