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How to improve your SEO thanks to Netlinking

improve your SEO
You create your own website, but you don’t know how to improve your SEO? I have the solution for you: you can choose to improve your natural referencing thanks to Netlinking.

As part of your marketing development strategy, the position of your site in the search results is essential. Indeed, today, 90% of searches are done on Google so it is essential to have a good position on this search engine, and thus be visible! For this, there are many channels to achieve this, but today, with this article on SEO, we will focus on Netlinking: a profitable solution in the long term.

  How to improve your SEO? What it is?

First of all, what is natural referencing? It is simply the first position in the Google search results. In fact, natural referencing refers to the techniques used by Google to rank sites according to their relevance criteria. You may also hear the term SEO for “Search Engine Optimization”, which is optimized for Google.

Therefore, if your site appears in the first position, (just after the paid advertisements), it is considered to be the most relevant to answer the user’s query. Focusing on natural referencing is then essential because this channel will allow you to attract visitors to your site and increase its traffic. It is finally the Holy Grail because it is thanks to this tool that your visibility will increase, as well as your notoriety and, eventually, your productivity. But how to improve your SEO?

How improve your SEO? There are several types of optimization for your site:

  • On-site: Improvement on our site, our foundation, our content
  • Off-site: Actions on other sites

We will therefore focus on all improvements being Off-Site because having a good SEO is to have incoming links: to do Netlinking.

For example, if you sell dog food, it is interesting to position yourself on a site talking about animals, with the same strategic keywords.

Now, we can ask ourselves, how to improve your SEO? We can use a marketing tool in order to do it.

For a good Netlinking, here are the essential points to remember:

For your content, choose quality over quantity.
First, the media has to be lead  according to the theme (consistency with your content, see the example of dog food), the traffic of the media (place yourself on sites with traffic to increase our organic traffic), metrics (tools for analyzing the performance of sites), and finally the seniority of the domain (the older it is, the more credible it is)
Make a partnership: think of a win/win deal: exchange links, buy the article, against a benefit in kind

Concerning the content, there are several:

  • The advertorial: you write your own content and the media publishes it as is.
  • The sponsored article: the media in question is responsible for writing your article.
    Before sending your article, the rules you should always remember when writing content are

Google must be able to find your strategic keywords to facilitate referencing

Your anchor must always be located in the first part of the article
An anchor? Don’t panic, the explanation is coming!

It is a text on which your web user can click directly and then be redirected where you want: on your product page, on your web page …

However, for an external link to be relevant in the eyes of Google, its anchor must be related to the content to which it refers.

You have the choice to insert your anchor as you wish:

  • In an optimized way: with your main keywords, a targeted query
  • In a drowned way: a sentence containing the targeted keywords
  • Or in a neutral way: with an indication like “click here”, or the link as it is directly put in your article

Now that you are ready for a concrete Netlinking, note some mistakes to avoid:

  • Keeping the same anchor: Google will find this suspicious and your ranking will suffer
  • The basic mistake is to prioritize quantity over quality. It is more important to make less content but make a quality one.
  • Wanting to go too fast: SEO is a long-term challenge. You will get results with patience and perseverance.

To conclude :

When you include outgoing links in your article, it is important to favor links called DoFollow: it is about naturally placing links pointing to sites that will provide complementary information to yours (choose a site with the same theme, as I stated above, with strategic keywords), and this in the hope that these sites will act in the same way towards you: Backlinking!

It is really important to choose sites with a high Topical Trust flow, that is to say, sites dealing with domains similar to yours. It would be a matter of bringing angles and points of view on subjects that are not competitive with those you would have already developed.





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