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How to improve your Amazon seller reputation

How to improve your Amazon seller reputation

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To make a great living with selling items on Amazon you need to have a great reputation. If you have a great reputation, you will be the first seller to pop-up on the website. Let me show you a few ways how to improve your seller reputation on Amazon. You can apply those tips to other exchange website such as eBay and Shopify.

1. Request seller feedback and product reviews:

There’s two types of review, the seller review and the product review. Both of the reviews are important for the visibility of your account. As a seller, you need to push to obtain good reviews so buyers will trust you more. When your account as a lot of great reviews, a bad one doesn’t have the same impact than a seller profile had only a few reviews. In the end the account with the most good reviews will be put in forward against other accounts

2. Create an accurate product page:

Do not oversell the product because the consumer will be disappointed when receiving the product. You need to put pictures that really reflects the quality of the product. If the information is inaccurate it would lessen the seller reputation. This is a typical error that the website Wish does. This website always oversells items leaving the consumer disappointed. If the product is well displayed the buyer will have is expectations fulfilled. You need to make your product page very clear and detailed. This is in order that the consumer don’t get mixed up and cancels the buy.

3. Respond often to customer questions:

When you respond to comments and question according to Amazon’s guideline your response become public. This shows to all other buyers that you are a responsive seller. It is very important to respond to customer question within a few hours to improve your seller reputation. Since your response are public, consumers will be able to see the response to the same questions that they have.



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