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How to have a landing page that converts: the most useful tips

A landing page? What for?

The landing page is a key element in the success of your business. Of course not everything relays on that, but you have to keep in mind that a landing page is in general what your clients see for the first time. So, it’s really important for you to study your landing page to be sure you convert the visitors into clients.

In order to help you building the landing page of your dreams, we will go through some importants tips that you need to apply.

landing page illustration

At the beginning

First of all, you have to keep in mind what you want to promote. It can be very diversified as a product or a service, but after you decided on your subject you have to study it. And this starts with a keyword research. I recommend you check this article on the first steps of the “SEO basics”. This will be a first guide on your research.

Now, let’s start and see what are the most useful tips for a landing page that converts.


The Headline, or the beginning of the attention

The tittle of your page is a good way to attract the attention of your potential clients. In order to make it simple and functional you have to respect a few directives.

• You must to your audience what you are promoting or selling
• The headline should be short and clear
• Using a hook is preferable when you are selling a product that is common

how to write a hook for the headline of your landing page
The Subhead, or the specificity of your product

After the title, comes the subtitle. The title is here to attract the customer while the subtitle is here to make them stay on your landing page.

• You have to be really specific in this area
• At the opposite of the headline, you can detailed more if necessary
• And mainly, you have to explain to your audience why specifically your product create value for them


The Picture, or the visual explanation of your value

This part of your landing page is to emphasize your added value. But you have a few rules you need to follow.

• Your image should be as close as possible of the reality of your product
• Your visual needs to be large
• To demonstrate your production in action is even better for your landing page and your conversion. Here’s an example:


exemple of landing page with a visual in action


The guarantee, or the social proof of your product

People needs to be reassured, especially when they are buying products online. This is why social proof it’s the bulletproof of your landing page. In this part of your website, you can highlight the number of reviews you had or a specific commentary that highlights your service or product.


The Call-To-Action, or the conclusion to your conversion

This final part is the conclusion of all the previous steps. You now need to invite your audience to try your product. This can appear under the form of a “Sign-up” button or even “Start Trial”. In general, the CTA is recommended to be big, to make sure it’s visible. You can also use different colors for this button, contrasted color is also recommended. And it’s even more interesting if you use some graphics to point at your button.


You now have at your disposition all the tips you need to build a good converting landing page. We hope this article will help you to convert more clients to your products. Good luck!



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