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How to build an efficient mass media SEO strategy?

Nowadays, most of companies are using digital marketing strategies on multiple different platforms in order to better reach their clients and potential clients. To build an effective mass media SEO strategy, we have to know first what kind of digital platforms are used the most. In 2021, according to the Search Engine Journal, social networks with the higher monthly active users in the world are:

Mass media SEO strategy

A common mistake that a communication marketing manager can make, is to publish the same content on every different media used by the company, without any differentiation. The question is: how can we use them wisely to have efficient mass media content? Here are some advises to improve mass media SEO strategy depending on the 5 more used social networks:

  • Facebook

Facebook is the most used social media in the world. You have to use is as a tool to join everyone and get more people to know about your business. You can use hashtags to engage people in your Facebook page and encourage them to share your content. Facebook is also useful to create events, to interact with your customers by the chatbots, or to share live content.

  • YouTube

YouTube is one of the best ways to help or give a solution to your consumer with online content. You should focus on videos explaining and showing to your consumer how can he/she use your product or service. Indeed, YouTube has thousands of “how to” and “DIY” videos, and this is the type of content that your consumer is expecting to find on YouTube.

  • Instagram

Among the different mass media presented, Instagram strategy is different from the two previous one: on this social media, pictures an aesthetic are the most important and valuable. You can use Instagram to post pictures and create links between your clients and prospects. Actually, you can almost build all your brand image thanks to Instagram. This is possible by diffusing images and videos that reflect your values and ideas. Futhermore, Instagram stories permit to get information and feedbacks about your clients through pools or questions asked in your stories.

  • TikTok

Today, the number of TikTok monthly active users is growing very fast. You shouldn’t ignore the thing that TikTok might be the next biggest social network used. Consequently, you have to think about a different type a content to publish on this platform. For example, the importance of music, visual and humor is the key of a viral TikTok video. You can gain high engagement from the users if your videos are short, efficient and adapted to the overall young audience.

  • Snapchat

Finally, Snapchat is a social media mostly used by young people too. Here, your content needs to be short and funny to get the attention of users. Thanks to Snapchat, you can have a high audience, but the challenge is to keep them interested in your posts.


To complete your mass media SEO strategy, here are some tips to help you developping a content marketing strategy.






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