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The Music Industry : How TikTok Changed the Game!

Since its creation in 2016, TikTok has had, in many ways, an important impact on the music industry

Here are 4 ways in which TikTok impacted the music industry : 

1. Viral Hits 

First of all, with its algorithm, TikTok has the means to turn a song into a viral hit. Indeed, users can create different types of videos using a song, which boosts the engagement under the song. Plus, if one of those videos is going viral, the song is also going viral. Through this platform, the songs that become a viral hit are being pushed by the consumers. This is unusual in the music industry. Indeed, usually it’s the labels who decide whether or not a song deserves to get attention or not. In a way, the platform democratizes the popularity of a song.

2. Influence on Music Trends

Second of all, throughout the years, TikTok showed us how it is able to not only create, but also popularize music trends. Indeed, in 2020, it helped bring back the 2000s pop punk to mainstream attention, which raised multiple different artists. For example, singers like Machine Gun Kelly, with his album Tickets to my Downfall (released in 2020), Miley Cyrus with Plastic Hearts (released in 2020), and others. Also, songs that trend on this platform, have high chances to end up on the Billboard 100, on Spotify Viral 50, etc.

Popular platforms for music discovery. We see how TikTok is in second place, which indicates it has an impact on the music industry.

3. Exposure for the Unknown Artists 

Due to TikTok’s algorithm, and how it allows creators to become an overnight sensation, it provides a platform for small artists. Indeed, emerging artists who don’t have a lot of exposure, can put their song on the app, pair it with a trending dance, or by telling the audience the story behind making the song. By doing so, they can rapidly gain a great following, leading to greater visibility and even possible record deal contracts.

4. New Marketing Opportunities in the Music Industry

Finally, when an artist releases a new song, not only can they promote it themselves on TikTok, but their record labels can also seek influencers to partner with them. Indeed, these influencers can post a TikTok using the artist’s song, so the artist can reach a new audience.

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