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How the new digital marketing courses reveal the secrets of marketing in a web 2.0 world?

A boom in the field of marketing!


The marketing era has completely changed, it is an increasingly important field in our consumer society but it is evolving at the same speed as new technologies (2.0 world). It is therefore necessary to constantly update oneself and this starts at the university where students are trained in these new structures.


Why are digital marketing courses becoming more and more popular in universities?


An optional course that is becoming an obligation in the working world ….


Today, companies are directing their marketing strategies largely on the web. But what is their secret? How do they always make the dress you love so much appear on the side of your web page?

These strategies are based on many new softwares able to calculate the number of clicks, to identify the profile of the people consulting a website or to put forward the schedule at which a job will have more visibility. That’s why new digital marketing courses have been created in many universities: no more questions about hiring students who don’t know how to use this software!


The job of “community manager” is very popular for students or young graduates who start in marketing or communication. Thus, knowing how to use software such as “Google Analytics” or “SEM rush” are essential tools to enter the marketing world.

marketing in a web 2.0 world
Studying Digital Marketing

Which major universities have opted for this new trend?

You can get up to date by taking this course in major Canadian universities such as UQAM, HEC Montreal or Laval University.

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