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How a Chatbot is Beneficial in Marketing

Chatbot marketing is gaining popularity, especially after Facebook opened the ability for businesses to integrate bots with its messenger feature. A chatbot is a computer program or software that automates a conversation with a user, and can be utilized as a marketing strategy to market a business. The chatbot can help customers learn more about products, and offers deals and promotions to the customer through personalization and customization in a conversation. The chatbot does not disrupt the customer’s browsing experience, the chat window is simply available in case the customer need help and opens the window voluntarily. Chatbots help with conversion and leads for the company, and ensures the company to not overlook any customer service requests. Consumers prefer text messaging over any communication tool, thus businesses should take advantage of their consumer’s behaviors.

The image illustrates what a starting conversation with a Chatbot can look like.

Customer Service

Customer service is increasingly popular for chatbot use. The chatbot helps answer common customer questions and narrows down the customer service issue to a specific category. It is then possible to direct the customer to the right contact person. A chatbot provides the customer with a personalized experience, higher perceived customer service and leads to higher engagement. The service can be customized to the languages of a multinational company’s customers to further ease communication.

Conversion and Leads

Chatbots can help your company lead the customers down your sales pipeline. They help with lead nurturing, which otherwise is very tricky and time-consuming. The bots gather the information needed to personalize the messages that help the customer through their consumer journey with tailored marketing efforts. This leads to higher engagement and conversion rates, nurturing the customer to make a purchase or sign up for services. The customer has reached out through the chatbot, which makes a sale more attainable for the company.

Psychographic Profiling

The company can also use the chatbot to gather information about their customer base and potential target audience, creating a psychographic profile. Without additional efforts, the company receives information about their audience and customer base through the conversation. Furthermore, it can effectively gather feedback from the company’s customers without forcing the customer to fill out lengthy surveys.

The company can easily adjust the chatbot to scale as the business grows. Whatever business you are in, a chatbot can be adjusted according to your business’s objectives and your customer’s needs.

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