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Hippoc: An AI-powered solution for high-performing Ad visuals

Hippoc is an AI-powered solution that uses neuroscience and AI to test and optimize ads. Thus, predicting the cognitive impact of a campaign on companies’ consumers with a model that mimics the behavior of a human brain. Furthermore, It delivers accurate results quickly, eliminating the need for costly traditional testing methods. By analyzing thoroughly your ad visuals, Hippoc’s AI solution provides hyper-targeted insights on how to improve campaign.

Maximize your Ad campaigns with Hippoc

How does it evaluate Ad visuals ?

In order to evaluate Ads, this AI-powered solution works following the three following principles: Instant attention, lasting recall and finally impact score.

The first principle is instant attention or in other words what catches the customer’s eyes first when they see a campaign. Indeed, it is vital for companies if they want to have a lasting impression through their ad visuals. Moreover, with the increase of social media and omnipresence of digital marketing, people are exposed to a numerous amount of Ads. Therefore, it is important for a brand to differentiate itself and achieve high performance Ad visuals to have the desired action of their campaign .

Then, the solution evaluates the lasting recall of the Ads submitted. In reality, this step allows the company to understand which specific area of a campaign’s Ad visuals captures customers’ attention the most. Indeed, this AI-Solution gives insight on which part of  Ad visuals to improve for it to be pertinent.

Finally, the impact score combines the instant attention and lasting recall of a campaign that stands out in customers’ minds. Consequently, the impact score of Ad visuals is essential as it really emphasizes on how much your Ads are relevant. So as to, companies achieve specific goals of a campaign. Besides, it justify its cost but also measure an Ad’s success.

Hippoc’s principles to achieve high performance Ad visuals

How Accurate is this solution ?

Accuracy is vital for an AI-solution to be effective. Hippoc’s results « are rooted in science », when evaluating  Ad visuals this AI-Solution is 94% accurate. Indeed, it as the highest accuracy in their field. Accordingly, campaigns are evaluated via cognitive neuroscience methods that will give companies the best insights on how to improve its Ads. 

Hippoc’s AI-Solution is supported by an algorithm predicting attention span and memory toward a campaign. Nevertheless, one might ask himself how this algorithm analyzes Ad Visuals? Via Hippoc’s Dataset ! In fact, more than 31k of people were tested on their cognitive response to 16M campaigns’ Ads. Hence, measuring attention and memory, these studies built this AI-Solution ensuring perfect insights on Ads.

Hippoc’s accuracy with more than 31k people researched, achieving an AI-solution 94% accurate when evaluating Ad visuals.

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