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Google ads keyword quality score

What is a quality score?

Other than the bid price for the keyword, google will also evaluate the quality of your pages and your advertising. A high-quality score can help you to get a better position at a lower cost per click. The quality score is from 1-10. (1: lowest, 10: highest)

Your advertising and landing page needs to be as specific and relevant as the keywords that you would like to buy. Quality scores are evaluated by :

  1. Click rate (CTR): the possibility that your ad is being clicked
  2. Relevance
    1. Relevance of the Ad: whether your ad are closely related to the keywords that users’ search on google
    2. Relevance of Keywords in the landing page: This is the first landing page of your website that is closely related to the user’s search
  3. History: past reactions for exact searches of your keywords

Each element is evaluated and compared with other advertisers who want to buy the same keywords on google with a status of “Above Average”, “Average”, “ Below Average” over the last 90 days.

You can check your current quality score in your Google Ads account. Moreover, you can see the past Quality Score to improve your landing page and ads.

How to improve your quality score?

1. Make sure your ads are relevant to keywords

Ad relevance is the most important issue for google to evaluate your quality score. If your status is “Average” or “Below average”. Try :

    • Match the wording of your ad test more directly with the users’ searching word
    • Dividing your keywords into different themes and keywords types. For example, you are selling biscuits, you can have a keyword group for “snacks” and “relaxing time”.

2. Update your landing page

It is vital to provide users with an impressive experience on your website so marketing is important to bring in people to your page.

  • Keeping the landing page be relevant and consistent with the ad.
  • Provide updated information about your company.

Make sure to find the most suitable keyword for your ads and landing page.


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