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E-Commerce Security: TOP 10 HACKS

TOP 10 E-Commerce security hacks

In today’s world, the hacker universe is surely expending with all its threaths.  Fortunately, there is a way to be protected from possible frauds by following the suggestions of the E-Commerce security: TOP 10 HACKS page.


1- Make sure to have a PCI conformity

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is essential to have a secure e-commerce platform for the transactions on your website.

2- Be less attractive to hackers with minimum data storage

In this situation, do not keep any information which hackers would benefit like credit card numbers.

3- Always keep the platform up to date

Be informed by your suppliers of all new updates that could be really helpfull to prevent any hacking attemps.

4- All your users should have the most secure password

To keep your data secure, most of your website users must have a password including a capital letter, a number, a symbol and a minimum of 8 characters.

5- Have a software to detect suspicious activities

It could detect anything going out of the ordinary including what seems too good to be true (like an incredible online purchase).

6- Have an unique coding for your e-commerce platform

Encryption is really important to keep the data secure.

7- A special extra login security for users to protect from hackers

In this case, the platform could detect many connexion attemps and block the account for security. After being blocked, the owner has to contact (with an identity proof) the enterprise to unlock it.

8- Training for all your employees

Forming all employees to face an online hacking crisis or to manage a hack attemp is beneficial for an organization. Also, it will help to protect it from any malicious frauds.

9-  Perform often a scan of your website to see any anomalies

It simply consist of doing a regular software scan to detect any malware.

10- An external database is usefull to protect your information in case you are hacked

This could save your business’s life in case you end up hacked and lose all your  precious data.


Finally, if you follow all these TOP 10 HACKS on the security of a E-Commerce platform, you will protect the privacy of all your customers and of your website (including private information on your company).



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