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ChatGPT a looming danger for digital marketing?

ChatGPT is a self-learning artificial intelligence model developed by Open AI. Able to understand natural language, this revolutionary tool can answer questions or even have a conversation with users. The answers given are very precise and personalized while being able to have a rigorous and often very reliable technical aspect. This is why ChatGPT can be a personal assistant both in personal and professional life.

1. An opportunity for digital marketing

Digital marketing has many aspects to take into consideration and qualities such as creativity and adaptability are often required. ChatGPT can be useful in many ways such as content idea generation, SEO, ad creation assistance or data analysis.
To do this, simply write to ChatGPT something like “give me a digital marketing campaign for young people watching anime”. ChatGPT will provide a detailed plan of the different steps to follow.

2. ChatGPT a wonder or a danger?

Although the prowess of ChatGPT is no longer in doubt. Many people remain skeptical about the ethics of this artificial intelligence and consider that it could cause heavy damage in the current human society. Some researchers in artificial intelligence even believe that ChatGPT could be capable of massively replacing jobs such as those in digital marketing. Moreover, some very influential men such as Elon Musk have even signed a petition aiming at stopping for the moment the research in artificial intelligence. In fact, he fears that the world as we know it today would collapse.

ChatGPT a chatbot by OpenAI
ChatGPT chatbot by OpenAI – artificial intelligence
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