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Digital and Omni-Channel Marketing

Digital marketing has vastly developed tactics and more globally, company’s marketing strategies throughout the years. An aspect having reaped the benefits of the digital revolution is ecommerce. Indeed, ecommerce and digital marketing are closely intertwined seen the sales figures recorded from digital marketing campaigns have only sky-rocketed in recent years. With that being said, omni channel marketing is a key contributor behind retargeting campaigns and client follow ups, supporting potential customers all throughout their journey.

Digital marketers are now armed with another tool to better study the teDigital & Omni-Channel Marketingndencies, habits, and patterns of their clients. This can be done by tracking users and pinpointing key areas or steps on the various platforms and interfaces the company provides (apps, websites, social media pages…) in real time.

The objective of omni channel marketing is clear, to gauge interest levels and engagement of users across different mediums to better serve consumers in a bid to provide a consistent brand experience.

Furthermore, companies can create an efficient, convenient, and seamless experience assuring a personalized touch to each campaign, ad, and communication stream with the consumer. The tactics embedded in an omni channel perspective are deemed to be consumer based as they are constructed through the previous activity users have conducted on the company’s various content streams.

In our ever-competitive ecommerce industry, regardless of the product or service being offered, channel diversification is essential for any company wanting to reach consumers and build their market share. Varying mediums of communication and sales services have shown to increase revenue by up to 30% affecting important factors such as customer loyalty, brand awareness and the company’s overall reputation.

Finally, another advantage of omni channel marketing is the increased data retrieval and subsequent centralization, enabling companies to develop more effective campaigns, better target given consumers segments and optimize media spend, leading to reduced costs and improved conversion.


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