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The Dangers of AI in Digital Marketing

The increasing use of AI presents a multitude of ethical problems.  Among those problems, we have invasion of privacy and exploitation.

To begin with, AI relies on data input. In digital marketing, a good part of this data is gathered through the internet and the consumer.  The google searches, how much time you spend on a page or looking at an image, the kind of content you consume, all this information is acquired with AI and sold to companies to help them maximize their profits.  However, this information is often gathered without the consent and involvement of the consumer.  In other words, companies are sharing your personal information and using it to make money.

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In Addition, this invasion of privacy ties to another concern people have with AI in business which is exploitation.  It comes in two forms: the manipulation of the beforementioned data and the repercussions that workers have or will have to face.  Indeed, the personal information gathered can expose client’s vulnerabilities like addictions. We often see companies use AI to exploit those addictions or weakness to sell products to clients.  Also, artificial intelligence helps reduce costs while increasing productivity which is an appealing advantage to corporates, but a threatening one to workers.  We’ve already witnessed lay-off waves due to the use of artificial intelligence in the past. In other terms, AI helps companies exploit clients by manipulating them and workers by reminding them that they are or will be easily replaced.

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