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Crypto Fan Tokens, the impact on fan engagement.

Nowadays cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest topics on the internet, you cannot go anywhere without hearing people about bitcoin or similar coins. Although some currencies receive a lot of negative media attention, many people also see great opportunities for the use of crypto. Sports clubs sell their own type of coin to their own fans, by making use of digital marketing. Clubs use this to increase the engagement of the supporters with their brand, by selling crypto Fan Tokens. Using these tokens alters the normal relationship between a club and its supporters, where the fans do not have any influence in what happens at their club. The supporters often only buy tickets and merchandise from the store. The Fan Tokens allow supporters to get access to certain prizes, merchandise, or content. Moreover, is it now possible for people to benefit from the success their team achieves.

Endless possibilities when you are a Crypto Fan Token holder.

For example, if your team wins a lot of trophies, the stake of the crypto is going up as well, and vice versa. Several famous football clubs also provide perks for the crypto Fan Tokens holders, as they are granted access to certain events, or they get a say in minor things happening at the club. But some clubs go the extra mile. Supporters vote on the jerseys worn by the team, or which banner or picture they want to have in the dressing room and stadium. This involvement leads to an increased feeling of connection between the fans and their sports club, furthermore, does it also provide as an extra source of income for the clubs. This is one of many ways for these teams to use digital marketing to make money, while at the same time strengthening the bond with its supporters. 

Fan Tokens of the biggest football clubs in Europe.


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