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What is a cross-platform marketing channel, and why is it important?

Differences between cross-platform and multi-channel marketing
Differences between cross-channel and multi-channel marketing

Emerge cross-platform marketing

In today’s modern society, social media platforms have become inevitable in everyone’s life. If you are a business student, you may hear about the winning strategies, specifically Facebook, Instagram marketing etc. Since users’ tastes, preferences, technologies, and trends are constantly changing, specific platforms are often busy finding ways to adapt to market ecology and avoid fading out. But trying to look macroscopically, diversification would be an essential criterion for evaluating the advertising campaign’s success. It refers to advertisements that stand astride several channels. It is not only limited to social media but can also be effective in paid search or TV.

How does it work?

Cross-platform marketing wants to convey that ad content management is critical. Copy and pasting the same ad content across different sites is no longer effective. It could be monotonous and decline the credibility of the overall ad. To make it better align with users’ expectations, marketers may require completing serials of testing and researching on every single platform. Through adjusting persistently, the marketing team may find that online shoppers always stay afloat, having a zigzag-liked buying process. Hence, marketing teams could create shoppers’ personas and understanding related to the most influential factors towards shoppers in each site, which could well-capturing value and ideal customers. For instance, investigate which approaches in YouTube ads will generate a higher conversion rate/click-through rate—in comparison, using storytelling or a rational approach by selling the same products or services.

Cross-platform marketing have great variations.

Why is it important?

The cross-platform campaign enables a seamless and smooth brand experience with various channels, which grabs customer attention and establishes engagement and loyalty, thus driving higher conversion. By doing so, marketers can figure out how customers spend their time quickly by increasing potential touchpoints. Moreover, it can boost brand exposure since the ads appear across multiple platforms. Meanwhile, companies can diversify the risk of launching a single-site advertising campaign. Lastly, one benefit of this strategy is allowing customer data collection through continuous site testing. Indeed, valuable statistics drive the company to provide a great personalised experience to the right people, channel and time. The more satisfied customer journey, the more enhanced the brand image and sales. That’s the KPIs that many companies are struggling with.

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