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Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of leads generated from website visits. This occurs because the target audience reacts to the advertising and an interaction is generated. Likewise, it helps to optimize the company’s resources in the channels with a higher conversion percentage. A common conversion rate optimization strategy is A/B testing. It consists of comparing the conversion rate of several variants of elements of a web page statistically. The best performing variant can then be selected, and the process can be repeated to incrementally improve the targeted metric.

Case of success:

During the lockdown several mobile apps went viral, for example HouseParty. When you created an account, the app asked for permission to access your contacts, and most users selected “don’t allow.” After A/B testing, the way in which this same question was asked was visually changed and the results were impressive: friend requests doubled and permissions to access phone contacts increased by 15%.

example of conversion rate optimization
HouseParty after and before the A/B testing

Conversion rate optimization as a job:

The job of a conversion rate optimization specialist focuses on best practices for web design and other user experience elements, as well as data analysis and statistical methods. For example, making a Shopify website more user friendly to get more leads. Also, a CRO specialist may need to analyze data to identify which factors are influencing conversion rates. They may also need to make recommendations for changes to the website design or user experience in order to improve conversion rates. This is an ongoing process that requires continual testing and experimentation.

Online courses:

A number of conversion rate optimization courses are available online, on platforms such as Udemy. These will teach you everything you need to know about the topic, from the basics of web design to advanced statistical methods. For a more general understanding of topics related to CRO, there are courses in digital marketing on the same online platforms.

Some courses that you might be interested:

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