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Chatbot icon for online businesses

What is a chatbot?

Everyone recognises the chatbot icon in the bottom right corner of any website. This chatbot icon can have many purposes, and this is what makes it useful for all business with an online presence. Before we dive into the why of using chatbots, let us first define them. Chatbots, or chatterbots, are software programs that make use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. These chatbots then communicate with users of the company’s website, and can be accessed through the chatbot icon in the corner of the website.

Why add a chatbot icon?

A report by Drift (2018) notes that many people cannot find answers to simple questions on a website. Chatbots online can help resolve this issue. Moreover, they can perform simple and repetitive tasks, which frees up space for employees to deal with the more difficult tasks. In turn, companies will be able to assist more customers, and not only during the day. Chatbot icons allow for 24/7 service, at least for the simple and repetitive tasks. Besides providing service round the clock, chatbots can respond to potential customers straight away, even when all employees are occupied at the time. The chatbots therefore increase conversion rates considerably.

Chatbot icon for full potential

By automating some of the conversations, companies not only free up time, but they also save money. Furthermore, Drift’s research shows that more than 50% of the people rather chat than call with a company. People have limited time to spare in this high-speed world. Waiting for an employee to be available takes too much time, so a chatbot will accommodate potential customers. Using an attractive chatbot icon design may also help in attracting new leads. This is why every company should invest in chatbots and install one of these chatbot icons on their website. Adding a chatbot icon to your website helps your business to reach its full potential.


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