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Blockchain and SEO: the Future of Digital Marketing?

What even is blockchain?

Simply explained, a block contains basic information about a transaction such as the amount of money, the date and time when it happened. Since private information is not disclosed, every block (or transaction) can be traceable with a unique code that is called a hash. As transactions happen and blocks are filled, they all get lined up to form a chain which then turns into a virtual book displaying transaction history. However, that book is open to anyone who wants to read it, wherever they are on the globe and whenever they want to take a look. Since everyone technically owns the book, no one truly does… 

Correlation to digital marketing

Believe it or not, blockchain and SEO are the perfect match marketing experts could ever hope for. While cryptocurrencies and blockchain might seem complex and out of reach for some, their impacts are undoubtedly soon to be seen and definitely here to stay. For marketers however, it could permanently solve today’s most frustrating problems such as transparency and data privacy issues, keywords research headaches and link building complications.

Transparency for security

Data privacy issues have been one of the biggest concerns for the past few years for anyone using the internet. With blockchain and its decentralized approach, any data is protected by cryptology which makes the used the owner of their data. Ultimately, this will result in users getting paid for any insightful information. 

Simpler keywords research

That being said, as Google currently has absolute dominance over search engines and paid ads, a decentralized world could mean the eradication of any middle man. Yes, you read that right: Google could become more and more obsolete with time which leads to cheaper online advertising and more control overall.

Smart links

Smart links are basically regular links (an already powerful tool for SEO specialists) but simply better. We can see the origin of a link, when and with whom it was shared, and how they are used, giving more control to business and individuals over their content. SEO and blockchain could become intimately tied.






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