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The Use Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is everything anyone in the information space seems to be talking about, thanks to tools such as Chat GPT. AI continues to change how we view and use digital marketing to aid our businesses. Indeed, much as we have used machines in the past to help us with jobs that require much manual labour, AI is the machine that can help us with those that need reasoning and problem-solving. That is where artificial intelligence in digital marketing comes in.

Artificial Intelligence taking over one half of the human brain with rational and reason.

Artificial Intelligence in Targeted Marketing

Much of the progress made in this space were the likes of Amazon’s recommendation engine technology or Google and Facebook’s targeted advertising platforms. All of which now use machine learning technology. This technology allows companies to become increasingly effective and ultimately help to increase the ROIs of many companies.

The technologies mentioned above are software composed of 4 recommendation stages: data collection, storage, analysis, and filtering. The artificial intelligence will analyse data about traffic, consumers, and potential consumers in order to allow marketers to use this understanding to suggest products that these individuals are most in tune to purchase or even to suggest to them content they are most likely to have an interest in.

How AI is Impacting Content Marketing

Content marketing is another digital marketing tool improved by artificial intelligence. AI allows marketers to understand the content consumers and potential consumers want to engage with and the most effective way to distribute it. Moreover, rather than marketers using resources to monitor the success of advertisements and altering publications, tools such as headline-generation algorithms can take on said roles. These allow marketers to focus on other tasks that AI is not yet fully capable of undertaking, such as management roles or those that are client-facing.

Optimising Influencer Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

There have been many trends in marketing over the years; as marketers compete for the best results. Influencer marketing has become just that. Companies have had to scour social media platforms and individual profiles to find influencers best suited to represent their brand. Artificial intelligence can take that responsibility off of individuals. This process has introduced “micro-influencer” marketing, individuals who have the technical knowledge and have been able to form a niche group of followers with similar interests. Using AI, businesses can find these spokespeople who have the right target audiences across many different niches and audiences.

The limitations of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Although this sounds promising, many of the concerns people have had in recent decades about artificial intelligence seem more rational than ever. Indeed, AI has the potential, more than ever, to replace individuals in the digital marketing industry altogether, leaving many qualified and competent marketers out of jobs.

Moreover, the industry may become less creative without humans as artificial intelligence cannot yet acquire the skills to think outside the box. We may also lose touch with emotions and ethics, as morality and feeling are features that are extremely important to humans. However, many argue that the rationality of AI can be of great use to us, as it can, for example, limit the number of impulsive decisions we make. Even in companies that use artificial intelligence to aid marketers, AI can render them lazy as tasks such as memorising information and problem-solving become less undertaken by humans.

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