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Artificial Intelligence: Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence: Future of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing is quickly changing, and consumers are no longer interested in generic advertisements and endorsements. With the use of the internet, consumers are constantly being exposed to these types of promotions. This has led to consumers filtering inapplicable advertisements within mere seconds of being exposed to them. This filter will only improve in the future, which is why it is so important that digital marketing operations aim to personalize ads to each individual. Since this interpersonal communication between businesses and consumers is becoming increasingly important, the future of digital marketing lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI allows digital marketers to tailor advertisements to fit each unique consumer, leading to better engagement and increased trust between the brand/product and the consumer. This trust is what AI can generate, by forecasting an individual’s behavior through the analysis of previous communications and interactions with the brand and its digital marketing. In turn, digital marketers gain the ability to present the consumer with personalized communication and content, which has the power to alter an existing lead into a transaction.

Personalized ads are already in use today and any internet user has experienced this. However, the personalization still lacks quality, as much of the content being provided to users is not an optimal fit for them. Hence, digital marketers should look into using Artificial Intelligence in their digital marketing strategy, as AI will allow for improved personalization and generate optimal content that fits each individual user. Artificial Intelligence may seem intimidating, but the systems’ many benefits within digital marketing can lead to a competitive advantage against competitors. This is why any business should aim to use Artificial Intelligence in their customer communication operations, and in turn be a frontrunner in the future of digital marketing.

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