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5 tips to develop your TikTok influencer marketing strategy

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A TikTok influencer creates and shares viral videos on Tiktok. For instance, influencers on TikTok have grown their followings to the point where businesses will compensate them to promote their products since they have built great relationships with their audience. Therefore, with the sensational emergence of this platform in recent years and its popularity amongst gen z, you may wonder how you can establish an effective TikTok influencer marketing strategy for your business. Here are 5 tips to guide you through your process:


1. Perform research

If TikTok is unfamiliar ground for your company, make sure to perform research about the platform and understand if it is well suited for your brand and your target audience. Consider a partnership with a professional influencer marketing agency, which will be able to provide you with the necessary expertise and network to help you establish your TikTok influencer marketing strategy.


2. Establish TikTok Campaign Objectives

In addition, it is important to assess your campaign’s ultimate goal in order to evaluate the ROI of your campaign initiatives and TikTok marketing strategy. For instance, would you like to generate UGC or encourage internet users to download your app? Think about the results and the best KPIs to assess your campaign’s performance.

3. Understand the Sales Funnel

Below is an example of what your marketing funnel should look like:

Awareness: Working with a more notable TikTok influencer can help you attract your target audience and showcase your company. An example is the TikTok influencer Charli Damelio who has over 138 million followers.

Consideration: Once you’ve gotten users interested in your business, you need to keep them interested. It is better to consider a medium-sized TikTok influencer like Maryam Amaria.

Action/Decision: In the third phase, you’re looking for customers who have already completed the first two phases. It’s now up to you to persuade them to convert or do a particular action. Consider a smaller TikTok influencer with a particular audience.


4. Start your TikTok influencer quest

Several tools are available on the web to help you in your TikTok influencer research. For instance, you could use a platform such as Influencegrid, which connects TikTok influencers to businesses. You can also perform a simple Google search or hop on TikTok’s main discovery page.

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind when you’re looking for the TikTok influencer that best suits your brand:

– The TikTok influencer’s community and content should be compatible with your company’s brand image.

– The TikTok influencer should already have an established relationship and trust with your target audience.

–  Note that the TikTok influencer’s content should continuously receive a high level of engagement.

– Also, it is important that their content is related to your company or sector, either directly or indirectly.


5. Don’t overthink the process: Allow each TikTok Influencer to display their creativity

Trust each TikTok influencer that you carefully selected since they are very familiar with the platform and have earned a reputation for being authentic in their field. Empower each TikTok influencer by letting them showcase their creative skills. In addition, this will also help you develop trusted long-term relationships with them.

Do you know any other tips to develop an effective Tiktok influencer marketing strategy? Leave a comment below!




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