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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Ads Campaign for Businesses

With more than 8.5 billion searches a day in 2022, Google is definitely one of the most popular search engines in the world. This also provides businesses with a good opportunity to advertise for their products and services with Google Ads. How to use Google to advertise for your company? This article explains to you what Google Ads is about, why you should use Google Ads and how to have a successful Google Ads campaign. 

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform offered by Google. Previously known as Google AdWords, the new and improved Google Ads gives businesses opportunities to promote products or services, raise awareness and increase website traffic. On search engine results page (SERP), these Ads appear at the top and have a bolded “Ad” at the top left corner of the post.

How does it work?

Google will display your ads when interested web users search for products or services like yours via the Google search engine, helping you to reach your potential customers at just the moment they are interested in your product or services. 

Google Ads goes by the “pay per click” (PPC) model, which means that you only pay when web users click on your ads. You will have to bid on keywords related to your target or topic of interest and if you are the winner of the bid, your ads will be displaced at the top of the SERP, YouTube videos page or other websites depending on the type of campaign you have chosen. 

Advantages of Google Ads Campaign 

  1. Targeted Advertising

By choosing keywords, demographics, time and frequency of ad appearance, you can reach the right people – people who are potentially interested in your business and will click on your website. This makes sure that your ads are relevant and reach valuable users. 

  1. Controlled Cost

There is no minimum cost for Google Ads so you can use Google Ads even if you are a small business with limited advertising budget. Google also gives you complete control over how much you wish to spend. The platform allows you to set a maximum spending per month, per day or per ad. It will just simply stop showing your ads once the limit is reached. 

  1. Easy to Manage

Google Ads offers tools for you to manage and monitor your campaigns easily. For example, the My Client Center (MCC) manager account allows you to view and manage all of your Google Ads accounts from one location. The Google Ads Editor also allows you to edit and manage multiple accounts offline. Insightful analytics are also provided for you to monitor and constantly improve your campaigns. 

Types of Google Ads Campaign

  1. Search Campaigns

Text advertisements that appear on the SERP when users key in particular keywords in the search engine. 

Example of a search campaign - having a bolded “Ad” at the top left corner of the post on SERP.
Example of a search campaign.
  1. Display Campaigns

A campaign that shows visually engaging materials across all Google owned platforms (for example, YouTube) and/or partnering platforms. 

Example of a display campaign by SEMrush.
Example of a display campaign.
  1. Video Campaigns 

Allows you to show video ads on YouTube and on platforms on other Google video partners.

Example of a video campaign by SEMrush.
Example of a video campaign.
  1. Shopping campaigns

Product listings of the products you offer. These shopping ads appear on both SERP and Google Shopping tab.

Example of a shopping campaign by Nike.
Example of a shopping campaign.
  1. App campaigns

Helps to promote your application by attracting new users and/or increasing sales within your application.

Example of an app campaign.
Example of an app campaign.

Be Relevant! 

The key to a successful Google Ads campaign is to be relevant. Google determines the placement of your ads by looking at your Quality Score, which is based on the quality and relevance of your ads. 

Here are some important factors to obtaining a good quality score:

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR) – High the clickthrough rate indicates a high likelihood of your ads being clicked by users when they are shown
  • Ad relevance – The closer your ad keywords matches users’ search intent, the higher your ad relevance is 
  • Landing page user experience – High relevance and usefulness of landing page indicates a good user experience 

Higher Quality Score not only means that your ads can gain more exposures by having a higher placement, it also helps to reduce cost per click (CPC) and thus improving your return on investment (ROI).

Click here to start your journey with Google Ads. Also, click here to learn more about smart bidding with Google Ads.

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