What are micro-influencers?

Nowadays, social media become one of the famous channels for people to set up their business and promote their products. Hiring celebrity influencers is one of the methods to promote their brand such as PEWDIEPIE. However, not everyone can afford to hire celebrity influencers to promote their brand. Therefore, they can hire the smaller influencers that contain lesser followers which are called “Micro-influencers”. The followers of micro-influencers are usually between 1000 to 100,000.How micro-influencers works

  1. Set up goals and budget

Before everything starts, you need to set up some reachable goals and a budget. To set up goals easier, you need to know what the purpose for you is to hire the micro-influencers, what is the result that you want, and what you will receive. Also, setting a budget is essential. For example, a budget will directly affect the quality and quantity of micro-influencers that you hire. If you have more budget, you can hire a more popular micro-influencer or more different micro-influencers, and vice versa. Setting a budget depends on what goals you want to reach from the micro-influencers marketing campaign.


  1. Targeting the suitable micro-influencers

To have a good targeting, it is better to have micro-influencers who are related to your business field. For example, you are selling sports equipment, you may find micro-influencers who are famous for doing sport or relevant to it. Since their followers like them for what they are doing, it is easier for their followers to purchase your products.


  1. Telling a story

After that, it’s time to promote your brand with micro-Influencer marketing. You can ask the micro-influencers to tell a story about your brand, maybe an experience after using your products, if possible, maybe a story between your brand and the micro-influencers.


  1. Follow up on the result

To see whether the micro-Influencer marketing campaign can reach your goals, you need to keep up with the result. It is important to check whether there is an increase in your products because of the campaign. Therefore, you can know whether the campaign is successful or is there anything that you need to adjust to make it better.