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Why beauty and fashion brands should invest in the gaming industry


The fashion industry is fiercely competitive. This market is crowded with competitors, and some have significant power and notoriety. Consumers are constantly presented with ads throughout their day. In order to stay relevant, fashion and beauty brands have to innovate their marketing strategy and invest in creative advertising. This is where the gaming industry becomes interesting. Fashion and gaming are mediums consumers use to connect with the rest of the world. They are both about self-expression and fantasy in certain ways. 


The gaming community makes up a significant audience. Accenture, a strategy and technology services firm, estimated that there are around 2.7 billion gamers. Women gamers are often overlooked. Honor of Kings, one of the highest grossing mobile games, has more than 100 million female players. Over two thirds of the professional league viewers are women. Interpret, a global insight firm, determined that there are 450 million esports viewers and 36% of these viewers are women. More so, 60% of all viewers purchase an item through an advertisement at an esport event. 

In the United States in 2021, women represented 45% of players in the gaming industry (Statista, 2021).

Distribution of video gamers in the United States from 2006 to 2021, by genderGraph video gaming audiences 2006-2021 by gender

In addition to reaching women, Gen-Z can also be reached via the gaming community. According to Kantar, a data, insight and consulting company, 90% of Gen Z are gamers. 

In the United States, 20% of gamers are under the age of 18, and 38% of players are between 18 and 34 years old (Statista, 2021). Gen Z and Millenials accounted for more than half of the gamers this year. 

Distribution of video gamers in the United States from 2006 to 2021, by genderGraph Video gaming audiences by age group in 2021

Gamers around the world take part in cosplay, which requires makeup, clothing, and accessories. Beauty products and makeup are becoming increasingly popular with gamers. Their makeup is done before appearing on stage before big events or before their live stream on a more regular basis. During the streams, the community will ask about what products the gamers are using and what they are wearing. The sense of community can also lead to particularly loyal customers. There is a great deal of potential for apparel and beauty companies in the gaming community.  


Over the past few years, companies have already begun investing in the gaming industry. NYX Cosmetics hired gamers to their marketing team in response to their partnership with esport team Dignitas. The brand is trying to learn more about the community, its potential, and its strategy. Benefit Cosmetics invested in a campaign where four professionals gamers would share their beauty routines. 

A lot of luxury brands are redirecting their offer to gamers. Louis Vuitton developed the graphic appearance of characters in League of Legends. Gucci followed this trend by creating an immersive space in a popular game (Roblox). During the rise in popularity of Animal Crossing in 2020, companies like Marc Jacobs and Valentino created clothing for the game. 

M.A.C. China profited from the gaming community as well. The makeup company noticed that players talked about their lipsticks in character customization. They reached out to Tencent, a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate, for a collaboration. M.A.C. developed a whole campaign and created shades of lipsticks for gamers inspired by heroines from Honor of Kings. This campaign was a huge success and the lipsticks sold out in a day.  

MAC lipsticks Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings x MAC collaboration’s lipsticks | Source : M.A.C. Cosmetics Hong Kong




Balenciaga and Fortnite build a partnership ready for the metaverse. Fortnite has 400 million registered accounts, it’s a huge actor in its industry.  

« The collaboration spans virtual and physical clothes, as well as a marketing campaign that will appear on billboards in cities like New York and Tokyo, as well as in Fortnite itself. » 

(Bain, 2021)

Billboard London Fortnite Balenciaga

Balenciaga x Fortnite billboard in London | Source : Marketing Directo

The companies aim to connect with their customers online and offline. We can find virtual apparels inspired by Balenciaga’s design in Fortnite. The physical clothing line is available through e-commerce websites or in the brand’s physical stores. The 3D billboards showcase Fortnite characters wearing Balenciaga’s apparel. The creative mode of the game even allowed players to stage a fashion show. Players can create fits and looks that could appear on the billboards. 


There is definitely a huge potential for fashion and beauty brands in the gaming world. We have to be careful while inserting our brand into a different community. We have to make sure we know this audience and that we respect their values and consumption habits. This is an educated community that requires transparency and authenticity. Fashion brands have to invest in creative marketing campaigns that are relevant to the community. 


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