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TikTok for Business

Why TikTok

Social media platforms are only becoming more and more important for new and established businesses to improve sales and generate stronger customer relationships. Social media platforms has previously built on lifestyle and to promote the idealized part of life. Although with the rise and development of Tik Tok being real and showing behind the scenes is now becoming more important for viewers. TikTok is now a place where users can be creatively free without adhering to the narrative of the past.

On the app, the content consists mainly of lighthearted and short videos usually between 15-30 seconds. TikTok has become a powerful tool, if used correctly, as it has shown to inspire sales in situations where the viewer were not looking to buy anything. Furthermore, its interactive and engaging videos inspire 74% of its viewers to find out more about brands. Through diverse product information and reviews helped 66% to make a purchasing decision.



This has enabled one of the apps most appealing features for companies communities. Communities within TikTok are grown out of common interest and viewing of videos which causes them to interact in similar videos creating a sense of belonging to that community. A lot of marketing that is directed towards these communities that are relevant will be positively met and can increase sales.


How to use TikTok?

But what should you focus on? This depends greatly on the company size, budget and the product you are selling but a few general points apply:


Feed ad or Key opinion leaders (KOI)?

Low cost products generally do better as in feed advertisement which is shown in between videos on users foryou page. There are endless options what to show and by using the “call to action” button conversion can increase. On the other hand for higher priced products they tend to do best when marketed through KOI as influencers celebrities can have a great influence in what is in or worth buying.



Hashtags can be used in many ways either to make a video pop up for relevant viewers or in a way to save similar videos under a common place. The latter can be used to create challenges that can drive awareness and in the end sales. To further advertise the challenge brands can market it through relevant influencers on TikTok to Increase engagement. Although this might not be an option for smaller businesses as it is costly.


Brand account

TikTok has shown to be able to change an already set brand image to a desired on if marketed correctly. This requires smart use of media pressens that is relevant and ethical. This is a creatively free zone and sometimes the quirkier the content the better it performs, a great example for this is RyanAir. The account should also be aware of the media created about the brand and its products. Additionally the company should respond and interact with videos to become apart of the communities that can increase company results. 




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