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Successfull advertising on social media

This post is here to help you advertising your brand or product most successfully on social media in Québec.

Most used social platforms in Québec by adults are Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Therefore, these three platforms should be mainly focused when advertising your brand or product on social media. Be aware of the fact that the usage of laptops and desktops is decreasing whereas mobile-usage gets more popular. Thus, your advertisement should be mobile-friendly, meaning that everything can be easily seen or watched on a phone as well.

Marketing or Brand Content?

The next step is to think about the goal of your ad. Do you want to attract new customers and generate revenues? Or do you want to maintain the relationship with your already existing customers and think about your brand appearance? You can decide between marketing or brand content or combine them.

The key to success

The most important key to success is knowing who your target audience is in order to show your advertisement to potential customers. Therefore, I would recommend to do a persona where you analyze who your perfect customer is. After that, you think about the campaigns you want to do and write them in an editorial calendar. You can find an example at the end of this page. It is important to schedule every day of the week and also note the corresponding time. Posting at the same time makes social platforms promote your postings more. Consistency is key! So don’t miss out on planning your posts in detail and even prepare them beforehand to achieve the best results. Correct advertising on social media will increase your visibility and brand awareness.

After you have posted for a few weeks and advertised on social media, preferably on three or four platforms, it is very important to measure the impact of each post and analyze how it has performed. This will help you work on the conversions and improve your accounts and/or advertisements to perform better and hence, create more sales.

One last thing: The most important thing is that you believe in your product. Because if you don’t, who else will?!

An example of how your editorial calendar can look like. You can download it here.

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