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Podcast advertising– a new marketing tool

What is a podcast?

A podcast (or audiocast) is a digital pre-recorded audio file that allows consumers to download and listen to their favorite topics whenever and wherever they are. Its topics differ broadly from news, talk-shows to health, spirituality, and general entertainment. It is seen as relaxing and useful when traveling and having a hard time reading a book.

A podcast is not new on the market. It dates to the 1980s; however, its popularity took off only in recent years, with the most popular shows such as The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily, This American Life, and many more. The podcast platforms that the audience generally uses are Audible, Spotify, Google audio, and Apple audio.

How can it be used in advertising?

Podcast publicizing is still a modern and undiscovered type of advertising that has nevertheless colossal potential. It is developing as a medium between companies and listeners seen as a targeted audience. In other words, businesses are beginning to see how profitable podcasts are as a promoting tool.

In addition, advertising via audiocasts is exceptionally compelling in building a loyal brand. Through the intimate connection that host podcasts manage to establish between them and the audience, they can also create a strong bond between advertisers and listeners. Consequently, advertising at the beginning, middle, or end of an audiocast is seen as more credible than other means of digital advertising.

Podcast presenter advertising a company in an interesting manner

What are the top 5 benefits of this type of advertising?

#1: Attract highly interested clients

By finding and selecting the right audiocasts that you want your advertising to appear on, you will gain loyal consumers from the start. For this to happen you must make sure the topic of the podcast is aligned with the mission and values of your business. You can also conduct market research on the type of listeners by demographics, and hobbies and see which are a fit for what your business targets

#2: Build leadership and credibility

Aligning your business with a popular podcast transfers popularity to your business. This offers your company a leading position in its industry. Moreover, positive feedback benefits your company with credibility for advertising.

#3: Generate brand engagement

You can use podcast advertising as CTA’s that encourage the listeners to visit your company’s website, create an account, subscribe to the platform, etc. Moreover, this type of advertising attracts users for one-time offers to order, use promotional codes, and many more. All this aims to increase user engagement and finally increase the ROI of your business.

#4: Save advertising costs

Podcast advertising is new on the market; hence it is still cheap compared to other digital advertising methods. The method used for cost measurement is CPM – cost per thousand impressions, which means that the company only pays when the ad is heard by a thousand consumers. The measurement can be done by the users’ devices- phones, tablets -that are counting with ease the number of listens.

#5 Be the first on the market

Podcast advertising is a really smart marketing move for your company. Nowadays you can enjoy the first mover advantage method since few know about it. Also, these smart audiocasts have an exponential rise so this ensures you a good advertising investment.

Using podcast advertising, being an innovator and leader advertiser has never been so easy!


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