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Digital Marketing in the Metaverse?

The Birth of the Metaverse

New technologies are discovered and developed daily in the world we live in today. One of them, which has caused a lot of talk in the past year is the Metaverse. It is a virtual world created by Facebook that focuses on connections. It is immersive, kind of like a video game but you can experience it in 3D with your own personal avatar. While the Metaverse received many criticisms, millions have been invested into the idea.

Digital Marketing in virtual reality

Now the question arises, can the Metaverse be utilized as a platform for digital marketing? And the answer is quite simple: of course. Even though it is still a work in progress, we can only imagine what the this virtual world will look like in the near future. Brands will be able to market their products the same way they do it here, in our actual reality. Some brands are already doing it and selling items for thousands of dollars, and some early adopters are already buying these items. So, what else can we advertise in a virtual reality? Anything, just like in the real world.

Nike and the Metaverse

Nike for instance, created a selection of exclusive products that can be purchased in the metaverse to be worn by the avatars and even created a world of its own, Nikeland, which already has 7 million users. Not only can Nike make extra profit by selling products in the metaverse for virtual avatars, but it also gives advertisement to the brand simultaneously.

Some Nike shoes that can be purchased in the Metaverse

New economy streams

The birth of the Metaverse, also signifies the birth not only of a new world but of a whole new economic stream. It is predicted that it could bring 3 trillion dollars for the global economy in the next decade. The Metaverse being a virtual reality, we can potentially do anything and create anything we desire in it. This signifies an infinite number of opportunities for companies around the globe.

The birth of other virtual worlds

Furthermore, the Metaverse as we know it is not the only one. There are other platforms that explore this idea of a virtual reality, a virtual world. One of which is MV3, a virtual dystopian world that is being built at this very moment and has already acquired a community of thousands of people. You can already purchase a character from this world, as shown on the picture below.

A character you can purchase from the MV3 Universe.

All of this being said, we can only imagine the infinite opportunities that lie in these new worlds that are being built for us, this could really change the game for Digital Marketing.


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