how to improve your ad rank







What is Ad ranking?

Your Ad Rank determines your ad position on the search engine result page. In fact, a higher Ad Rank means lower costs and higher Ad Position. Indeed, if your quality score is 10, you will have a 50% discount on your CPC; but if your quality score is 3 you will have an increase of your CPC by 67,3%. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to improve your Ad Rank

By using Ad Rank, Google makes sure that it provides people with the most relevant and useful advertisements. Moreover, many people believe that they can increase their ad rank by only increasing their bid, but to improve their Ad Rank they also need to increase their Quality score.

The Ad Rank formula

Indeed, Google uses a specific algorithm to determine Ad Rank. This algorithm takes into account multiple factors: the Ad Rank depends on the Bid amount (50%), the quality score of your page (40%), and extensions (10%).

How to increase the quality score to improve your Ad Rank?

The quality score is based on the expected CTR, the Ad relevance, and the landing page experience. Firstly, to improve your quality score, you need to create Ad groups and use relevant keywords for each Ad group. You can also research your keywords to identify the quality of the traffic that they will drive and the importance they have for users. Secondly, you need to work on your landing page because it is the first page that users see. Users need to have a good user experience, therefore, your landing page should be easy to use, and the content should match search queries. Thirdly, you should also increase your CTR by using specific features and benefits in your ads.

Which extensions need to be used to improve your Ad Rank?

Finally, to have a higher rank, you need to use extensions that fit your objectives and that are relevant to make your offer stronger. You can use site link extension, call extension, location extension, price extension…

In conclusion, to improve your Ad Rank, you need to increase your quality score, increase your bid, and use extensions.