Google’s quality score is highly watched by nowadays digital marketers. The quality score is Google’s rating of every advertising campaign and landing page. (It is available with the underlying Google Analytics account.) With this quality score, Google will either reward or penalize your campaign by having you pay less or more for your campaign. Therefore, to have the highest quality score is important in order to pay less and to be better positioned with a lower CPC. The important parameters for the quality score are the click-through rate (CTR), the relevance of the ad, the relevance of the keywords, the landing page and the historical performance. Here are some tips to improve some of these parameters in order to have a better quality score in Google ads.

The Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The click through rate is the ratio between the number of times an ad is seen and the number of clicks it gets. Firstly, to improve your click through rate it is useful to look at the keyword status of the ad. If the keyword status is « Below Average », it could be a good idea to change the ad text in order to be more similar to your keywords. Secondly, another solution would be improving your preferred keywords. It is important to choose keywords that people actually search for.

The Relevance of the Ad

The relevance of the ad refers to how a keyword matches the ads’ message. Creating more specific ads improves the ad to be more relevant to the keywords. Some keywords example for a fictitious enterprise « Joe’s Climbing Gear »:  Climbing shoes, Rock climbing shoes, climbing shoes for men, climbing shoes for women. A relevant ad text with the previous keywords could be:

Joe’s Climbing Gear
Ad – Shop Climbing Shoes. Be ready for your next climb with our selection of climbing shoes for men and women.

The Relevance of the Keywords

Similarly to the relevance of the ad, the keywords chosen need to be specific. Having more specific keywords will help the overall ad to be more specific and there will be less competition for the same keywords.

The Landing Page

In order to improve the quality score of the landing page, it is important that the page contains text that relates to a person’s search terms. Therefore, try to have your keywords included in your landing page. Furthermore, the landing page needs to be well organized and easy for customers to navigate through. Following these guidelines should help to improve your quality score in Google ads.

Improve your quality score in Google ads