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How to Build a Community on Discord

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In not so ancient Internet times, web surfers (and most video game players) had to use archaic software such as Ventrillo or Team Speak in order to engage in real-time voice chat or coordinate the slaying of pixelated dragons. While these methods were once cutting-edge and helpful to organize small social gatherings, the modern pull of the Internet demanded progress.

In May 2015 launched Discord. An online communication platform that specializes in building communities over the Internet. Users can chat in Discord using numerous ways including Text messages, Voice & Video chat, using media, files, and emojis privately or inside server-type communities allowing up to thousands of users at once.

Discord communities are home to any subject, product, fandom or famous personality we can think of. From servers dedicated to the YouTuber PewdiePie to servers for Woodburning enthusiasts, every niche has its place on Discord and anyone can join them.

In fact, in 2021, building a community on Discord is known to pay dividends to any subject it focuses on. For example, an up-and-coming Twitch streamer is highly recommended to build a Discord server surrounding his platform in order to create user interaction and stimulate activity.

After all, user engagement is known to be a great factor in retaining an audience.

This article will focus on an easy step-by-step approach to building your very own Discord community. This approach is valid for internet personalities, brands, any subject’s enthusiasts, Internet groups or even a simple group of friends.

Step 1: Create Your Server

The first step is also the simplest. Simply download the Discord software and create an account. Once logged in, you can press the big + button on the right side of the page to create your own community. It’s easy as that.

Step 2: Invite other users

In order to build a community, you first need people. You can invite anyone on your Discord server, including sharing the page with friends or with total strangers on the Internet. You have the choice to make your server appear public or private. Public meaning that anyone can find it by a simple Discord search. And private meaning that only individuals that received an invite can join.

Step 3: Promote your Server! (Optional)

If your goal with using Discord is to create a community surrounding a product or service that you offer (works too if you are an entertainer), you may want to advertise your new server around to gain new users and traffic. The Internet is filled with social media where you can invite others to join your community. Look for advertising or sharing opportunities on pages with similar interests to your server’s.

Step 4: Organize Community Channels

Discord offers the possibility to create several channels of communication, voice or text. You can divide the several interests or activities in your community with their own channel. An example would be to create a Text Channel devoted to sharing funny images (memes) and another one to discuss events related to your group. A voice chat channel dedicated to the game Among Us and another dedicated to the game Call of Duty. There is no limit on how Discord lets you organize your server so get creative!

Step 5: Delegate User Roles

Should your community get large enough, you might want to consider if you want to give the same access and tools to every member. Discord allows you to create user tiers with different access to channels and the possibility to choose Moderators who have way more action possibilities. These options become interesting when considering the idea of chat moderation for unwanted behaviour or content. If your Discord server has a set of rules, you need moderators to enforce these rules. Moderators can remove content and even ban users from entering the server in the future. Remember that a respectful and fun environment free from trouble goes a long way in creating a positive user experience.

Step 6: Keep it Active!

The final step is one that should be done constantly and without end. Infusing content often is the best way to keep your community alive and active. Ask questions, create events and socialize with people! It goes a long way to keep traffic on the Discord server.

Example of a built Discord Community User Interface

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  1. This article is very interesting and I loved reading it. In addition to learning more about the history of Discord, we understand the process of creating a Discord community. The details of each step are not exhaustive but are ideally arranged so as not to lose any internet user who does not know Discord yet.
    I highly recommend this article to anyone who wants to learn more about how Discord works.
    In addition, I also wrote an article about advertising on Discord and that’s why I was so interested in these paragraphs. I have tried to explain briefly how Discord stands out from other platforms and why every company should use it in their marketing strategies. I think that my article ( could very well complement what you have just read and that is why I am taking the liberty of writing a comment about it.

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