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How to advertise on Pinterest

Create advertisement on Pinterest

Benefits of knowing how to properly advertise on Pinterest

  • High visibility

    Pinterest’s functionality makes it possible for your post to be re-pinned again and again if you have engaging content. This allows for users to be constantly active with your plateformes.

  • Long lifespan

    Users can interact with your post even after months it has been posted, compared to Instagram and Facebook where the content is ephemeral.

  • Trends 

    Having a constant updated presence on your Pinterest allows you to be kept in the loop and relevant to the audience.

  • Links 

    Pinterest allows you to link all of your other websites to pins which encourages higher visibility and traffic.

Tips and tricks

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) : Pinterest is firstly a search engine which is why it is important to make your post with important keywords that are the most accurate to what the users are looking for. Adding relevant keywords to your pin content, your name and your profile is important to have higher visibility.
  2. Study your audience : Knowing what the users wants, needs and researches is key to advertise on Pinterest. This allows you to really crunch down what the audience would like to see from you. What are the recent trends? What age group is the most interested in your content and what do they want to see? Where does your audience live?
  3. Unforgettable visuals : Having clean, trendy and visually attractive content is important in order to captivate the most amount of people. Users will most likely engage better when the content you are showing them is appealing. Being able to successfully advertise on Pinterest include being original and creative.
  4. and so much more…

Please share in the comments below your favourite features available to advertise on Pinterest.





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