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How Data-Driven Marketing can create value for your business

Data-driven marketing is about taking a goal-oriented approach and consistently aligning marketing activities with corporate goals. However, as we understand it, it is important to make a distinction here: It is not about acting in a metrics-oriented way, but in a truly goal-oriented way. That is, it doesn’t do much good just to drive up metrics like visits or page views. The real goal of the website, such as maximizing Qualified Leads, must be consistently pursued. If you look at too many metrics, you’ll lose focus in the end. Data points are only a means to an end and not the end itself.

A data-driven marketer approaches his digital projects with a positive basic attitude. He takes responsibility for the digital marketing activities of his company and overcomes the fear of being measured. With the positive digital mindset, the marketer grasps the data-driven approach as the opportunity to overcome uncertainties and doubts through data and to continuously improve.

In a consistent goal-oriented approach to digital marketing, clear goals are defined for the digital measure that pay off on the overarching business goals. Key performance indicators are defined and then the necessary data points are measured to identify the progress of the online goals.  For the data-driven marketer, it is crucial to act on the basis of the data so that added value is created and the data does not remain an end in itself.

Data-Driven Marketing tackles and goes far beyond data collection. Of course, standard reporting is carried out, but inconsistencies in the data are also examined in detail. In this way, starting points for optimization are identified, which then achieve an actual uplift in the conversion goals of the website. In this way, data is not simply collected, but becomes a real added value for your company.

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