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How content marketing is changing the game

How is content marketing changing the game?

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing

Firstly we should ask ourselves, what is content marketing and how it can be useful to companies. Content marketing is a strategic way in which companies send their message to their consumers through various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube…). This type of marketing is mostly used through videos and images. For the most part, using content marketing helps companies create innovative and unique content attract and engage customers.

What is the “game”? And how is content marketing changing the so called “game”?

content marketing

This so called “game” is how to reach your desired customer with your brand’s message. In order to do so, a brand needs to communicate it’s messages through it’s multimedia platforms. Using content marketing has been changing this “game” because it has become one of the most successful ways to increase customers engagement with brands. Here are some of the most important reasons as to why content marketing has been so successful amongst brands:

Visuals: Content marketing uses a lot of visuals such as videos or photos through its social media platforms. A recent study by Bitable, has shown that viewers remember 95% of a message from a video compared to 10% of a written text. As the famous  saying goes “An image speaks more than words”! Therefore with the use of visuals, a brand will attract their customer’s attention more efficiently.

Relatable to customers: Through their various platforms, a brand can post images or videos that demonstrate the values and lifestyle they stand for. Hence, using content marketing helps brands become more relatable and accessible to their customers. In particular, Instagram and YouTube have become platforms in which brands are promoted by influencers or famous personalities. This type of content marketing reaches a lot of individuals who look up to these people and brands can reach even more their desired targets.

Cheaper and more leads:  Content marketing it is cheaper than other marketing methods. It also generates more leads than other types of marketing strategies. So it<s a win – win for marketers!


To conclude, using content marketing is extremely relevant to reach desired customers. As we’ve seen, it is a marketing strategy that has visuals, is relatable, cheaper and generated more leads! In the long run, using content marketing will help companies will stay ahead of the « game » and reach their desired customers.

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