First of all, what are search ad extensions?

When purchasing an ad with Google Ads, you are given a slot on their search page that will appear at the very top. You will also be given multiple options to customize your slot to your personal preference.

Search ad extension

Image by Robert Brady via Partial ecommerce.

Different kinds of search ads and extensions:

Responsive search ad extensions allow you to use up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions to test out different combinations to find the right ad for the right customer. It will also show you a preview and recommendations.

Site link search ad extensions will direct people to specific pages on your website and will add more footprint to your ad.

Call search ad extensions are mobile ads that allow you to insert your business’ phone number so users can dial you from the ad.

Site search ad extensions let you add your address through Google below your ad.

Callout announcement search ad extensions give you an extra (non-clickable) line.

Rich snippet search ad extensions once again give you an extra (non-clickable) line allowing for even more of a footprint.

So why do ad search extensions matter?

Knowing the different kinds of search ad extensions matters because it will be beneficial to improve your ad rank. Understanding which formatting to choose and why will also increase your click through rate which will in return attract more potential customers to your page. It is crustal to optimize your ad seeing as your goal it to choose search ad extensions that will be the most relevant and attractive to users so you can get the most out it!