A banner advertising is a form of advertisement displayed within a web page that is typically 480 × 60 pixels in size and is generally composed of a combination of visual elements such as images and text.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising offers several advantages to advertisers as it is less expensive than traditional forms of advertising, when a consumer clicks on the goes directly to the advertiser’s web pages and it is easy to edit the ads.


One of the first forms of online advertising involved the use of banner advertising. This is a very basic form of advertising, but it has generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue.
Banner advertising need to capture the attention of the audience in order to increase the likelihood that consumers will see and click on the icon and, thanks to recent technology, it is the company that can choose which individuals to show the banner advertising.


The main objective of banner advertising is to bring consumers to the website or landing page in order to encourage them to make a purchase. Banner advertising, in addition to generating sales, is a useful tool for strengthening brand recognition and to increase the visibility of your website. In fact, banner advertising has been shown to increase website visibility by 300% compared to websites that did not use this form of advertising. Banner advertising increases sales promotion activity, during the weekends are the time when banner advertising can be used most intensively in order to get more customers, they can also be used to promote discounts and incentives on unsold products. Therefore, banner advertising is still a valid tool for building a strong brand.