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Increase sales using TikTok

How to increase sales using TikTok? With the difficult times that we are currently living due to the pandemic, a lot of businesses were seeking for new ways to increase their sales. TikTok was definetily a game changer for some companies who were looking to increase their visibility and their [...]

5 Easy steps for engagement for your business on Instagram!

Over the years, social media has gained a huge impact on how businesses present themselves and gain popularity. It is, therefore, very important for businesses to know how to increase and engage with their following on social media. Nowadays, it will assure their livelihood against their many new emerging competitors. [...]

How to Grow Your Brand using Instagram Marketing for Small Businesses

Growing a small business is not easy - there are several things like costs, profits, and sustainability of your business to worry about, especially when your city is flooded with thriving competitors and ever-changing consumer preferences. However, maintaining a social media presence can ease your worries if used the right [...]

Top 3 Influencer Marketing Tips for your Business

Influencers. Ordinary humans with the power to influence even an entire movement with just a single post on their social media platforms. In today's digital age, businesses who know how to make use of influencer marketing to their advantage undoubtedly have an edge in the competitive marketplace. With their huge [...]

Gatekeeping via Cryptocurrency

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has witnessed a rise in popularity of everything related to cryptocurrency. If you were online during the first year, it was almost impossible to ignore new coins and projects. This year, there has been a rise in the popularity of NFT projects. Often, influencers [...]

Social media management tools

Social media management tools Did you know that 52 percent of social media marketers believe that social media can have a great effect on a company's revenue and sales? Are you the founder of an innovative startup? A CEO for an enterprise in the fast fashion industry? Or maybe the [...]

Rank high in Google: 8 tips for SEO website design

Do you want your webpage shown on the top in the Google search in long term? You should adopt SEO and start your SEO website design. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of optimizing your website for the purpose of getting free traffic [...]

B2B content marketing : The key to sucess

The pandemic has deeply changed how customers interact. B2B Content marketing is used by today's businesses to expand their audience reach. Above all, it is a great tool to develop and strengthen a business positioning. B2B content marketing creates a stronger brand to appeal to more customers and generate new [...]

How to improve your Amazon seller reputation

How to improve your Amazon seller reputation To make a great living with selling items on Amazon you need to have a great reputation. If you have a great reputation, you will be the first seller to pop-up on the website. Let me show you a few ways how to [...]

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