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The Rise of Social Commerce: Transforming How We Shop Online

In recent years, there’s been a notable shift in how we shop online, thanks to the merging of social media with the convenience of e-commerce. This fusion, known as social commerce, is revolutionizing the retail landscape by bringing the shopping experience into the social media platforms where we spend much of our time. Social commerce […]

The Dangers of AI in Digital Marketing

The increasing use of AI presents a multitude of ethical problems.  Among those problems, we have invasion of privacy and exploitation. To begin with, AI relies on data input. In digital marketing, a good part of this data is gathered through the internet and the consumer.  The google searches, how much time you spend on […]

Retail Media Networks: An Industry on the Rise

What are RMN’s? With the growing restrictions on how companies can track and use customer data, such as the restriction of third-party data by Law 25 in Quebec, some companies are searching for new and effective ways to understand and reach their user base. In doing so, many are turning to the solution of Retail […]

Marketing on LinkedIn: Essential Strategies to Amplify Your Network

Digital marketing on LinkedIn has become a must-have for professionals and businesses looking to expand their network and promote their services. With over 700 million users, LinkedIn offers a unique platform for targeting specific audiences and generating business opportunities. This article therefore explores the essential strategies to optimize your digital marketing on LinkedIn. Optimize your […]

Riot Games : Arcane’s marketing masterpiece

It’s almost April 2024, which means season 2 of Riot Games’ Arcane series is just over 6 months away! The first Arcane installment was released in 2021 and was a huge success. Thanks to this success, League of Legends and therefore Riot have won over new audiences. Here’s a look back at a marketing campaign […]

The Rise of Nano-Influencers: A Game-Changer in Marketing

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The power of social media influencers has been one of the main marketing tools for big corporations in the last few years. Being able to engage with a specific audience through creative and interactive content allows these online personalities to influence their followers’ opinions on certain topics making them a key player in marketing campaigns. […]

How to use AI to create unique content

In today’s digital age and the constant battle for attention online, creative and unique content is the key to success. Feel free to try to generate your own images. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, graphic designer, or just looking for a new way to liven up your social networks, artificial intelligence image generation tools can […]

How TikTok’s potential ban could harm companies in the United States

On March 13, 2024, the US House of Representatives voted 352-65 in favour of a bipartisan piece of legislation for a TikTok, the popular China-based app, ban. It was for fears of national security concerns, with Democrats and Republicans issuing statements warning of a possible data harvesting campaign. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA.) says that TikTok […]

How Digital Marketing has Changed the Tourist and Travel Sectors.

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Most of the marketing industry has gone digital as an appropriate adaptation to the world and their technological tendencies. The travel industry is one of many industries who are “pioneers in adapting digital marketing” (Role of Digital Marketing in the Travel and Tourism Industry, 2022 ). However, this relationship has a mutual effect on each […]