How to increase sales using TikTok?

With the difficult times that we are currently living due to the pandemic, a lot of businesses were seeking for new ways to increase their sales.

TikTok was definetily a game changer for some companies who were looking to increase their visibility and their sales with Internet. Indeed, it offers the possibility to reach all types of customers at any time through their cellphones, mainly during their free time.

Here are some ways ton increase sales using TikTok.


1- Run TikTok ads

It is obvious that it is important for businesses to run ads to increase the visibility of their products and their sales. TikTok offers different types of ads in order to promote your products. For example, you can run spark ads which allows your brand to boost organic content from your own account or from other users. It is also possible to run video, image and in-feed ads which are « self -service ads you can create yourself through the TikTok Ad Manager interface ».

TikTok has an incredible growth in popularity, so it is possible to understand that it is a good way for businesses to promote their products and increase their sales.


2- Partnership with influencers to increase sales

Making partnership with influencers that have impressive communities would be a great way for a business to increase the visibility of their product by paying those famous Tiktokers to create content for you and reach a lot of people, which could result in an increase of your sales.

3- Using hashtags

In order to build your community, hashtags are a game changer. Indeed, using hashtags that are related to you content when you make a post will increase the chance that your content would go viral. It is also important for brand to use specific hashtags to reach the target audience. It is therefore important to use general, but also specific hashtags if you want to increase your views and reach your target audience.