You have been given a promo code for a free trial for semrush. Maybe your digital marketing professor gave it to you, or maybe you found a paper lying on the street, who cares? You’ve been searching for quite a while now where to activate it but Google is only showing you websites that either give you a promo code in exchange for something or that tell you to create an account and do the free trial. You don’t want that, you already have a promo code, but where can you activate it?

No, it’s not on the subscription info tab on your profile. Also not in the payments tab. But wait, do you even have an account yet? If you have, you can skip the instructions for creating one.

First thing you need to do is open and sign up. Remember to put a real email that you can access since you will be sent a verification code.

signing up for semrush

Now, without closing this tab, go on to your email and look for the code that was just sent to you. Go back to the semrush tab and input the verification code.

confirming email for semrush promo code


Now, we are ready to put our semrush promo code and start taking advantage of this wonderful marketing tool. Go to and input your semrush promo code. You will also be asked for your name and phone number.

inserting promo code for semrush

That’s it! You are now ready to go and tell your friends that you have a valid semrush subscription that is worth a couple hundred dollars but you just got it for free. Just remember to take advantage of it, because time flies!