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Why choose the master's degree in digital transformation of the organizations?

Nowadays technology and digital play an important role within businesses. Master’s degree in digital transformation gives you the knowledge to stand out in the market.

Continuing your graduate studies by choosing this program is an opportunity to take your knowledge of digital transformation to the next level to increase your work prospects!

Some particularly fascinating themes that will be covered in your courses:

Implementation of technological change

This course aims to familiarize students with the process of implementing technological change as well as the theoretical models and diagnostic tools that underlie it. They will be made aware of the various issues associated with this type of change and the management strategies to be deployed.

Digital strategy and enterprise architecture

This course aims to development of in-depth knowledge about the elements that make up the
formulation of a major digital transformation strategy, its planning, its deployment, its realization, and the evaluation of its impact on innovation and organizational performance.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the use of IT in the renewal of organizations, in their operation as well as in their offer of products and services. These complex transformations are studied via several perspectives and levels of analysis.


The professors in this program are very active in research in the field of transformation
digital organizations, offer students coaching and funding opportunities
(in the form of a scholarship or research assistant position) numerous and interesting.

students in the dissertation pathway have access to several chairs, laboratories and research groups

• Chair of strategic management of technology

• Connected Health Research Chair

• Tech3Lab

• Digital meetings laboratory

• Information systems research group

Supervised project

The opportunity to have concrete work experience… and potentially find a job!

To successfully conclude your master’s degree, you will have to complete a mandate, related to your program, within a company. Moreover, supervised project offers are frequently published on digital @ HEC Montréal: when you have reached this stage, do not hesitate to come back here!

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In short, the master's degree in digital transformation of the organizations is:

16 to 24 months

Of school journey

12 classes

Digital-specific that will improve your knowledge

1 supervised project or 1 thesis

Which will allow you to apply your learning

Finish with a diploma

Who will make you stand out in the job market


"Ce B.A.A. m’a offert un véritable tremplin. J’y ai découvert que plusieurs domaines de la gestion m’intéressaient : j’ai donc choisi une spécialisation mixte pour élargir mes débouchés."
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Yannick Kouassi
B.A.A. trilingue 2021
"Je ressors de HEC Montréal avec un énorme réseau de contacts et une expérience de travail véritable, deux éléments qui ont été déterminants dans l’obtention de mon emploi actuel."
étudiant 2 baa digital hec
Justine Durand-Tremblay
B.A.A. 2021
"Le B.A.A. offre de très bonnes occasions d’explorer le marché du travail : j’ai eu la chance de faire un stage en entreprise comme responsable marketing. Ça m’a permis d’obtenir ensuite un emploi permanent."
Lina Belghiti
B.A.A. bilingue 2021

Choosing a master's degree in digital transformation of organizations means choosing the option to refine your digital knowledge as much as possible! Your learning will set you apart on the job market!