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Blockchain and SEO: the Future of Digital Marketing?

What even is blockchain? Simply explained, a block contains basic information about a transaction such as the amount of money, the date and time when it happened. Since private information is not disclosed, every block (or transaction) can be traceable with a unique code that is called a hash. As transactions happen and blocks [...]

how to brand yourself on social media in 2021?

How to brand yourself on social media in 2021? Introduction Over the past decade until today in 2021, social media user numbers grew exponentially. This type of growth is no news to anyone whether it being an individual or a brand. It is fair to say that it is at [...]

Why small businesses need social media

Are you thinking about launching your own business or to give more visibility to your company? Nowadays, social medias are part of marketing planification, they can help your start-up to obtain its first transaction and if you are wondering if your small business need social media, here are 5 reasons: [...]

How to increase your B2B sales online in 2021

It’s no secret that selling is hard. And selling to other businesses is harder. In B2B sales (business-to-business sales) you are not selling to a single consumer who has clear needs, but to multiple decision-makers who have different viewpoints. Here are our strategies to increase your B2B sales in 2021, [...]

Social media policy for democracy

How important social media policy is for a better democracy Human usually feels powerful enough to think they can make great decisions. Since our social media platforms are overwhelming us with ads and trends, it only gets harder to figure out what our essential needs and our beliefs are. The [...]

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing Influencer Marketing is a type of digital media advertising that includes suggestions and item arrangements from influencers, individuals and associations with a significant degree of information or social impact in their field. What is influencer marketing? Influencers are individuals with the ability to impact the purchasing conduct or [...]

Best digital marketing courses in Canada

With so many different digital marketing courses to choose from, how can you be sure which digital marketing course is worth your time and money? Below, we have ranked the top five digital marketing courses in Canada based on their competitive standing in the global ranks. The top institution that [...]

Why is self-care the futur of client experience?

Why is self-care the futur of client experience? It's the year 2021, you're a 20 year old born with a smartphone in your hands, and the belief that the internet has all the answers. Like 86% of your generation, you are on social networks and you are adept of online [...]

How digital marketing helps to grow your business?

What is digital marketing?In digital marketing, we emphasized the connection between potential consumers by using internet, email, social media. Also, digital marketing helps you to utilize digital media channel to promote your products and services and achieve some goals, like creating brand value and increase the sales and profit of [...]

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