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How to promote an event using Instagram

How to promote an event using Instagram? Promoting events can seem complicated but with the right tool, you can get super good results. One of the main tools that event promoters use is Instagram stories and here we will see step by step how to do it. Step [...]

Pay Transparency in Influencer Marketing

Pay Transparency in Influencer Marketing   In recent years it has become evident that the concept of influencer marketing is an ever more present and dominating channel when it comes to digital marketing. Businesses are willing to spend more and more on influencer marketing, as on average such content generates [...]

how to brand yourself on social media in 2021?

How to brand yourself on social media in 2021? Introduction Over the past decade until today in 2021, social media user numbers grew exponentially. This type of growth is no news to anyone whether it being an individual or a brand. It is fair to say that it is at [...]

3 Tips to Optimizing Your Instagram Posts

Did you know what Instagram was, 10 years ago? Chances are, like most people, you didn't, which makes it even more impressive how, in the past few years, Instagram disrupted the marketing industry. Althought it is a fairly new form of marketing, Instagram is used extensively by businesses to promote [...]

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing Influencer Marketing is a type of digital media advertising that includes suggestions and item arrangements from influencers, individuals and associations with a significant degree of information or social impact in their field. What is influencer marketing? Influencers are individuals with the ability to impact the purchasing conduct or [...]

Why are micro influencers important for your business?

Why are micro influencers important? If you don’t know who micro influencers are and why micro influencers are important for your business this post is going to help you to find out. Micro influencers have from 1K to a couple of thousands of followers on social media (in this case [...]

What is an influencer?

What is an influencer? Influencer marketing is growing every year and with more and more companies choosing this marketing tactic, the value of this industry has more than doubled since 2019. But what exactly is an influencer on social media? What do they do? And how can we differentiate them? [...]

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Having links on your Instagram story can be very effective. It engages viewers and directs them to content on other sites or platforms you would like them to see.  If you have a business account you can view insights for who interacted with the link on your story. This is [...]

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