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NFT games promoting luxury brands?

The rise of NFT games NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have gained more and more popularity, spreading their intrigue throughout the internet and individuals’ curiosity. These unique digital assets can be collected through the blockchain network. With NFTs' rise in popularity, it is no surprise to see it evolve into something new. [...]

Is gamification effective in luxury ?

The digital revolution of luxury The change has begun, the virtual world has now a more than important place in the world of fashion and clothing. A new generation, young and full of passion for fashion, is emerging and imposing their expectations. Ultraconnected, this new audience is shaking up the [...]

In-game advertising in video games

The Different Types of In-game Advertising in Video Games Static In-game ads: Death Stranding With the ever-growing games that are made in 2021, it is fair to say that companies will tend forward to the video game industry into promoting and advertising their own products. Thus comes the in-game advertising [...]

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