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Why Canadian Companies Should Have a YouTube Brand Account

Why Canadian Companies Should Have a YouTube Brand Account Here are 3 of the many different reasons pushing Canadian companies towards the creation of a YouTube brand account 1. YouTube is a search engine that offers video responses Just like you do Google searches, YouTube is used by individuals researching [...]

What is Newsjacking and how to use it ?

First of all, what is Newsjacking? What is Newsjacking and how to use it? Newsjacking is a digital marketing practice. It consists in surfing a trend  to get more visibility on social medias, and profitable spin-offs. For instance, as Squid Game (the new Korean Netflix’s survival drama directed by Hwang [...]

Blockchain and SEO: the Future of Digital Marketing?

What even is blockchain? Simply explained, a block contains basic information about a transaction such as the amount of money, the date and time when it happened. Since private information is not disclosed, every block (or transaction) can be traceable with a unique code that is called a hash. As transactions happen and blocks [...]

How to do SEO for mobile website

HOW TO DO SEO FOR YOUR MOBILE WEBSITE  What is mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Mobile SEO is the process of improving the experience of visitors who access your website from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This includes optimizing your website and making it mobile-friendly to ensure better [...]

Pay Transparency in Influencer Marketing

Pay Transparency in Influencer Marketing   In recent years it has become evident that the concept of influencer marketing is an ever more present and dominating channel when it comes to digital marketing. Businesses are willing to spend more and more on influencer marketing, as on average such content generates [...]

Chatbot Marketing

When chatting with a customer representative online, have you ever wondered if you were talking to a human or to a chatbot? Recently, it is becoming hard to tell. Chatbots have been around since the 1960s. However, with the rise of the digital age, they became increasingly popular and sophisticated. [...]

How to persuade online customers to buy your product ?

How to persuade online customers to buy your product ? A lot of online sellers are putting enormous efforts into analyzing what their potential customers like. They are analyzing customers to propose them something that will match with their tastes. A classic example is Amazon. Amazon suggests their customers new [...]

how to brand yourself on social media in 2021?

How to brand yourself on social media in 2021? Introduction Over the past decade until today in 2021, social media user numbers grew exponentially. This type of growth is no news to anyone whether it being an individual or a brand. It is fair to say that it is at [...]

What is remarketing?

We know that every marketing campaign targets only a specific customer segment. But what is remarketing campaign?To find out what is remarketing and how it works, firstly we need to specify a marketing campaign.A marketing campaign can target the very essence of the presented service or product when it is [...]

3 Tips to Optimizing Your Instagram Posts

Did you know what Instagram was, 10 years ago? Chances are, like most people, you didn't, which makes it even more impressive how, in the past few years, Instagram disrupted the marketing industry. Althought it is a fairly new form of marketing, Instagram is used extensively by businesses to promote [...]

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