Nous remercions la Banque Nationale pour sa commandite qui nous permet d'offrir gratuitement le simulateur de Marketing numérique de HEC MONTRÉAL à nos étudiants du BAA !

Est-ce possible de rendre le marketing numérique plus inclusif?

Inclusion à l’ère du marketing numérique Aujourd’hui, l’individu prend davantage conscience des inégalités, de l’inclusion et de la diversité autour de lui. L’inclusion est un élément important dans le quotidien des individus, mais aussi dans le marketing, un domaine près de l’être humain et qui se doit d’être sensible aux besoins de celui-ci. Le marketing numérique inclusif […]

Paid Search-What is it and why should you consider it

This article will adress the marketing method of paid search, also known as pay-per-click or cost-per-click. It is a form of digital marketing where search engines allows for companies and advertisers to show their ad in their results pages. The article will start off by addressing what paid paid search is, followed by its perks […]

How Data-Driven Marketing can create value for your business

Data-driven marketing is about taking a goal-oriented approach and consistently aligning marketing activities with corporate goals. However, as we understand it, it is important to make a distinction here: It is not about acting in a metrics-oriented way, but in a truly goal-oriented way. That is, it doesn’t do much good just to drive up […]

Affiliate Marketing: Why You Should Do It

Have you ever read an article that is entirely dedicated to reviewing a specific product or service? Perhaps this article was from a review site that has influenced your purchase decisions in the past. Or maybe you purchased a product that gave you a discount code for another brand? These are examples of affiliate marketing. […]